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Where Can You Find Witchcat Farm Garlic?

From Outdoor Markets to Farm Tours!

We enjoy getting dirty and working hard to deliver over 30 varieties of the highest quality organic garlic to our Vermont, New England and New York customers.

But…getting away from the farm and meeting new friends at local farmers markets is something special. Or you can stop by the farm on  tour days, where we can show you our fun organic operation.


The Benefits Of Choosing Organic Garlic From Witchcat Farm

  • Helps reduce blood pressure consequently promotes a healthier heart
  • Improves cholesterol levels, hence clearer arteries
  • Garlic contains antioxidants
  • Helps in the prevention of flu and cold
From Our Farm

From our Northern Vermont Organic Farm, our garlic is grown with no pesticides, low impact and conscientious to Mother Earth. 

To Your Home

You deserve quality. Our processes are meticulous and our products remain fresh all year round. Our focus is on your satisfaction.

Garlic Is Good

We’d like to take credit for it, but garlic is proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, therefore promoting a better heart.

What Types Of Garlic And What Should I Order?

  • Garlic is a member of the allium family of vegetables, with over 700 species, including onions.
  • There are two types of garlic...hardneck and softneck.
  • There are two types of softneck garlic...silverskin & artichoke, and the more than a dozen sub-varieties.
  • Hardneck garlic has at least 6 sub-varieties.
  • Some types are sweet, some spicy and others are robust...then some are just too..."Garlicy".
  • And who can keep track of names?
It's can be confusing!!

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